Uniriders Website

UniRiders is a fresh new company in Denmark that aims to sell great quality unicycles in Denmark. While working on the marketing campaign, we will try to find out the possibilities UniRiders have on the Danish market, conducting several types of research. Based on the data we get, we will offer an idea on how to conduct a marketing campaign efficiently to achieve the best possible results. This campaign will be focusing on the company’s communication situation, the sender, the product in question, the market, the competitors and the receivers. As a result, a digital concept, a prototype of the website, a promotional video and an offline campaign is defined.

Group members:
Vaiva Kriauciunaite

Eliana Nicolau 
Larisa Andrei 
Nadejda Nicorici 
Zivile Sliuzinskiene 

1. Home page consist of 5 sections:
1) The first view
2) How it works (background video)
3) Advantages of unicycles
4) Design of unicycles
5) About UniRiders
2. About & Contact
3. Shop
4. FAQ