VIVAGRAPHICUS – graphic & digital designer

As a brand designer, my motivation is driven by an aspiration to solve complex business problems with brilliantly simple design solutions. I believe in creative and effective design, in the power of aesthetics increasingly saturated with an influential message of the brand.

Having worked in both corporate and freelance settings, my extensive background includes successfully managing projects across branding, print, and digital design. Each project showcases my meticulous design approach, ensuring a seamless fusion of visual appeal and strategic brand messaging.


As a storyteller through the lens in the vibrant world of live music, my passion involves tuning into the atmosphere and capturing raw emotions. I aim to weave a captivating tale that sparks a longing in the audience to step into the very heartbeat of the moment frozen in my images and videos.

Embark on an exploration of a project exclusively focused on the metal music scene, co-created with Daniel Lønberg – say hello to MOSHMALLOWS!


Vaiva is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. She always strives to improve the quality of her work and many times exceed the expectations.

Gregory Radzio, CEO of DreamSolutions IVS

For 1.5 years I had the pleasure of having Vaiva as part of my team. Vaiva is a very skilled graphic designer. She is extremely diligent and works very concentrated. Likewise, Vaiva is very friendly and accommodating to everyone she meets. I give Vaiva the best recommendations.

Charlotte Vilrik, Transformation Program Director TDC NET


Logo & Branding
Visual Identity Elements
Print & Editorial Design
Digital design
Marketing Strategy
Concept & Strategy Development
UX & UI Design
Web design
Infographics & Icons
Data Visualization



Vaiva Kriauciunaite
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