VIVAGRAPHICUS – graphic & digital designer

As a brand designer, my motivation is driven by an aspiration to solve complex business problems with brilliantly simple design solutions. I believe in creative and effective design, in the power of aesthetics increasingly saturated with an influential message of the brand.

My background includes corporate and freelance visual design experience, with a history of branding, print and digital design projects to acclaimed completion.


As a live music photographer & videographer, my approach to capturing moments is to feel atmosphere & emotions to convey the story that makes one want to be at the exact moment where the moment was taken.

A new project, collaboration with Daniel Lønberg – MOSHMALLOWS


Vaiva is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. She always strives to improve the quality of her work and many times exceed the expectations.

Gregory Radzio, CEO of DreamSolutions IVS

For 1.5 years I had the pleasure of having Vaiva as part of my team. Vaiva is a very skilled graphic designer. She is extremely diligent and works very concentrated. Likewise, Vaiva is very friendly and accommodating to everyone she meets. I give Vaiva the best recommendations.

Charlotte Vilrik, Transformation Program Director TDC NET


Logo & Branding
Visual Identity Elements
Print & Editorial Design
Digital design
Marketing Strategy
UX & UI Design
Web design
Infographics & Icons



Vaiva Kriauciunaite
+45 50256577