Mobile Application Prototype for the Music Festival.

A mobile application for Devilstone festival which improves the existence service during the event by creating a value based on the attendees’ needs and provides an efficient and enjoyable experience for the user with easy access to the information.

Devilstone is a summer four-day outdoor music festival branded itself as “an extreme rock & roll resort” and making its name as one of the leading metal festivals in Lithuania.

The content of the application is carefully structured and has all details what
attendees needs including the essential festival information, artists & activities list, descriptions,
schedule, interactive map and guide. The personalization feature provides the ability to create
a customized plan and send notifications to the user. ‘Push notifications’ conveys the fastest
communication between the festival and attendees. Everything that visitors need before and during
the festival, the mobile application makes sure that it is in their pocket.

By creating the mobile application, the main communication issue between
the attendees and the festival was solved. The mobile application gives not only
a new exciting journey for attendees but also an efficient and enjoyable experience.

In order to present the product to the audience and encourage to download
the mobile application, the prototype of the showcase website was also developed.
The one-page site includes essential information about Devilstone mobile
application and provides a direct link for downloading.