LALA Living is an interior design studio, which helps people to create unique spectacular spaces by providing interior design services and interior design pieces such as furniture and accessories.

“..My style is synonymous with natural interiors fused with minimal design elements. <..> My inspiration comes from travel, nature and Nordic design.”

– Laura Rimke, the founder & managing director

A combination of two letters LA which represents LALA Living and depicts a symbol of the heart.


The logo is a combination of two letters – LA – which depicts a
symbol of the heart. It represents a warm & honest home. The shape
and the gold colour express a luxury minimalist lifestyle.


Clean, clear and luxurious invoice leaves customers
with a memorable last impression.


Having a consistent design to communicate the brand’s meaning
gives credibility and strength. The commercial flyer design follows
the established brand guidelines by adapting the clean design
approach with luxurious details.

E-shop design & development

The general performance of the website is following a minimalist, modern and functional design. The structure is accomplished on the basis of priorities in e-commerce interior sites concerning that nature of the business activity is inspirational and visual. The luxurious design elements leave the immediate impression of style and sophistication. The chosen font, the style of text and buttons become an integral and informative part of the stylistic concept. In addition, the visual effects are supported by smooth and simple animations. In the result, clear and easy navigation creates a user-friendly website which provides intuitive shopping experience, and are acceptable for all users across all devices.